What does your choice of animal family members say about you?

How often have you seen people with pets who resemble them? Some pretty funny photographs show this phenomenon in books and on the Internet. If you’ve lived with an animal for a while, you may have noticed that animals also reflect your qualities, characteristics, and personality traits. A depressed person has a sad-eyed dog. A chatty guy has a talkative parrot. The animal companion of a gentle woman is a kind and affectionate cat.

We are finding out how much of this is true with our animal family members.

When we take our dog for walks around a nearby lake, we often pass a mild-mannered man with a timid gait who always averts his eyes. A little dog runs alongside him, growling and showing her teeth to everyone. This dog could be a mirror for the man’s excessive fears.

As people tell us about significant animals in their lives, we’ve observed how the animals often serve as spiritual report cards. More often than not, memorable spiritual experiences with animals chart a person’s progress toward or away from having more love, peace, and fulfillment.

What does your choice of animal family members say about you?

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