Do you have any ideas to share about bathing dogs and the interesting things birds do?

Birds and Baths



We recently wrote to our friends on different blogs: “Whistle short tune to our bird. He listens. Processes. 24 hours later repeats whistle with variations. The composer. Any bird stories?” The following are responses to that question.

Georgia: “When I played in a woodwind quintet at a house with a bird, the bird would whistle the flute part whenever we stopped for a break. Beautiful! (And smart.)”

Edward: “My cockatiel loves to listen to the HU cd. She cocks her head sideways and just gazes. She also whistles back to me when I play my flute.”

Another time we asked the following: “Gave dog a bath. Not his fave thing to do. Any ideas for how to make it easier?”

Cynthia: “I bathe my 3 dogs often and even though they don’t like it, I try to make it tolerable since I doubt they’ll ever find it fun. I talk to them the whole time — telling them how gorgeous they are, play music they like, snuggle during drying off time, play fetch after. They get treats after their baths.”

Bob: “Get someone else to do it!”



Joy: “I sing to Buster but he still doesn’t really like it.

Jessica: “I take my dogs to the Marriott Resort on Coronado Island and bathe them in the shower. While they don’t love the bath, they put up with it because they know that they’re on vacation and get to hang out by the pool all day.”

Persis: “I put on some music and tell to my dog all the things we will do after her bath like go out to the park and meet her doggie friends and eating nice, tasty food!”

Do you have any ideas to share about bathing dogs and the interesting things birds do?