Spring Housecleaning with Pets

Speedy, Sunshine, Leaf, and Cuddles

Speedy, Sunshine, Leaf, and Cuddles

This has been spring housecleaning week in the Anderson home. Each of our pets reacts to the changes in their environment.

Our cocker spaniel Leaf has the most difficult time with anything that isn’t normal — a word and state of being that he absolutely requires. He spread out with a mournful look on his face while we cleaned the bedroom carpet, which meant moving his dog bed into the living room temporarily. “Not normal,” he seemed to be saying.

The cats take things in stride, as cats tend to do. They hide in their favorite cubbyholes while the vacuum and carpet-cleaning machine roar across the floors. No trembling for these two. Just a wait until this is all over and these people come back to their senses sort of attitude.

The bird has to be moved behind the closed bedroom door while we take apart the living room where he usually views the world from atop his high perch. We don’t like him to have to be near where we use cleaning supplies. We always worry about those tiny lungs taking in fumes. So deep cleaning the living room is accompanied by the sound of Sunshine’s insistent screeches of protest.

Soon things will be normal. We’ll ask the cats not to track kitty litter onto the carpet. We’ll ask the dog to put his toys back in the basket where we’ve placed them so nicely. We’ll ask the bird not to shoot birdseeds out of his cage onto the floor. We’ll ask ourselves to put away what we take out and clean as we go.

All of us will remember, for awhile. Till next spring when somehow, the winter’s accumulation of stuff will find its way to garbage bags and charity pickups.

Ah, spring!

How do your pets respond to cleaning frenzies?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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