Leaf’s First Picnic

Our dog Leaf often goes to a wonderful doggy daycare center that offers many services including webcams so people can watch their dogs in action. Sometimes Leaf stays an hour and other times he is there for an afternoon.

He loves it and shows his enthusiasm as he enters the front door. For him doggy daycare means visiting his friends, playing, taking a dip in the pool, and just hanging out with the attentive staff.

Today we went to the doggy daycare’s one-year anniversary picnic with cake, food, doggy “beer” and doggy games. This was Leaf’s first picnic, and he loved it.

He celebrated with the other dogs by bobbing for dog treat “hotdogs.” It offered a great opportunity for friendship, family, bonding, and love.

See the fun by visiting www.angelanimals.net/recpicnicpp.html

Have you ever sent your dog to doggy daycare or arranged dog play dates? Want to share your experiences and observations?
Allen and Linda Anderson