Why Share Animal Stories?


Last week, we got a call from a man who had been to the Angel Animals website and read stories there. Some of the stories might have come from you. We wanted to let you know one example of how sharing your uplifting animal stories helps people.

The man had recently endured a terrible loss. He’d found his son dead in the young man’s home. The son’s dog had remained by his side for three days. He wouldn’t even leave for food or water. The dog howled when the son’s body was taken away, grieving over his dear friend.

The dog’s display of emotions and loyalty had moved the father so much that he went on the Internet to search for information about dogs. When he found our website, he read through stories. He said, “I never knew what dogs are capable of till now.”

He had called us because the stories inspired him to donate to organizations that train service dogs. Linda gave him a couple of suggestions and told him what keywords to use for finding such charities.

So there you have it — one more reason for sharing your stories in the Angel Animals Story of the Week and for our books. One more reason for telling your stories about the incredible benefits of human-animal companionship to family, friends, and anyone else who will listen.

When you make your stories public, you affect people and animals in ways you will probably never know about. But someday, when you have the opportunity to look back on your life, a Divine hand may show you all the connecting threads that came about through an animal who gave love and a human who shared that love with others.

What stories would you like to share?

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