Raising Rabbits

We don’t know anything about raising rabbits so we are always happy when something comes along to enlighten us. Two of our books, ANGEL ANIMALS and ANGEL ANIMALS BOOK OF INSPIRATION, contain some great rabbit stories. Over the years, we’ve talked with people who are devoted to their pet rabbits. A lovely site for rabbit lovers and the curious, like us, is www.bunspace.com.

Recently we received a book about rabbits. In the letter accompanying the book, one of the authors, Kathy Smith, wrote, “I am passionate about rabbits! Every rabbit who has shared my home has had a profound impact on my life. Your Angel Animals books helped inspire me to team up with Lucile Moore to create the enclosed volume. We hope you will enjoy our book as much as we have enjoyed yours.

“Our goal in publishing this book is to help reduce the number of discarded Easter bunnies by sharing stories about both the joys and challenges of living with rabbits in an entertaining format. Our vision is to reach out to non-bunny people so that next Easter they will think of rabbits as wise and gentle teachers rather than as disposable pets.

“Lucile and I are committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from every copy sold to animal organizations. We are actively seeking a national multi-species nonprofit partner to help us gain exposure beyond the “rabbit world” in exchange for a portion of the profits. If you have any contacts in this area — or other suggestion on how to promote our book to the general public — we would be most grateful for your advice.”

TOUCHED BY A RABBIT: A Treasury of Stories about Rabbits and Their People by Lucile Moore and Kathy Smith (Infinity Publishing, 2009, ISBN: 0-7417-5275-8, info@buybooksontheweb.com, www.buybooksontheweblcom, (877) BUY BOOK or (610) 941-9999)

The back cover describes the book like this: “TOUCHED BY A RABBIT acquaints readers with the third most popular mammalian pet, the rabbit. The anthology includes a selection to suit every taste, from light-hearted vignettes featuring a single aspect of rabbit personality to longer stories that explore the depth and impact of the human/rabbit bond. Readers will delight in this rare glimpse into the true nature of the widely recognized but little-understood ‘bunny’ as presented in this volume of heartwarming and thought-provoking stories.”

Sounds good to us! What about you? Any rabbit stories you’d like to share with our readers and us?