Making the Transition from Life Journey to Inspiring Others

Making the Transition from Life Journey to Inspiring Others
Linda Anderson, and

Writers have a collective confession to make. If we are to be honest, we must admit that no matter what kind of hell we are going through, a small voice in our mind is saying, “This will make great writing material someday.”

In the class I have taught at The Loft Literary Center since 1998, “Inspirational Writing and Publishing Today,” I’ve had the honor of helping class members move from their painful or joyful life’s experiences to writing that inspires, informs, and uplifts others. Each class has a gem of give and take as we work together to bring out the best in each other.

My philosophy is to create a safe and sacred place where there is no judgment, and the atmosphere is nurturing and supportive. We exchange ideas and read and discuss examples from masters of the inspirational, memoir, and self-help writing genres. Through practical information that a published author learns over the years, I help to encourage a writer’s self-expression and desire for publication.

The people who take my class are individuals. They may not know how special they are, but I see a spark of divinity in each of them. They have as much (or more) to teach me, as I have to teach them. They use the exercises, techniques, and examples I give to share their life experiences from perspectives that are uniquely their own. What a gift of giving and receiving this class becomes. No wonder so many of the members have continued to meet and keep in touch long after our time together has ended.

On the evaluations that class members fill out during the last session, the comment they most often make is that this class far exceeded their expectations. This happens because I don’t view this class as one that ends. I give the members my materials and insights from writing 14 inspirational books plus hundreds of articles, blogs, and essays. I hope they can continue to refer to class materials as their writing goals form or change.

Here are some comments from previous classes:

“I love the handouts. Your choice of materials educate, enlighten, and ring true.”

“This is a safe atmosphere, non judgmental. Otherwise, I don’t think people would share what they do here.”

“I love the short assignments and the in-class writing exercises”

“I like the way we share with our classmates. Your ability to guide us to a useful form of feedback is helpful to me.”

“I appreciate hearing about your experiences and what others share about their experiences.”

“I see the format and rationale of this class a bit more clearly each week. You are very generous with your time. I am learning as well as making new friends.”

“I’m being stretched in good and productive ways through in-class writing and giving feedback.”

“The best instructor I’ve had – informative, prepared, creative, connected, professional, helpful, and caring.”

“You are quite available and responsive to requests. The one-to-one meetings are of great help.”

“I really appreciate your commitment to being of service to other writers. It is a real rarity to find someone so dedicated and professionally humble. I have bragged extensively to my writer’s group about you and your wisdom. Thank you.”

“I love the organization and fun that you gave the material and I would recommend it to others. Keep inspiring writers. It’s the greatest gift of all.”

“You’re very organized and kept right on track. The readings were great. Perhaps your class was about finishing some healing work on me before I attempt to finish the books I’m writing.”

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