Having Things Your Way



One day, our cat, Speedy, took a liking to a large brown paper bag from Menards, a hardware store that sells home repair and remodeling items. After we took items out of the bag and it fell onto the floor, Speedy rushed from downstairs where he’d been sleeping. He ran into the dining room and curled inside the bag.

Thus began a ritual.

We’re not sure why. We thought we knew our unflappable, immutable, household Lion King from all the years we have shared our home with him. He has the couch, soft chairs, and the bed to rest and sleep on. But from the moment when he first discovered the bag on the floor, Speedy slept either inside or on top of it.

He even tried to carry the bag with him to pull up onto his favorite chair. When that didn’t work, he gave up the chair and returned to sleeping on top of the bag every chance he had. He made it clear that this bag belongs to him. Everyone, including our other pets, and the human family members, had to learn to live with Speedy’s new best friend.

For about three weeks, Speedy continued his love affair with the hardware bag. Then one day, we found him sleeping again in his previous favorite spots. The hardware bag lay crumpled and abandoned on the floor. Finally he had given his imperial permission for us to discard this unsightly treasure. Go figure!

We believe that everything is connected and animals are often spiritual messengers, so we decided to see if we could find a bigger picture to Speedy’s love for a Menard’s bag. Was Spirit showing us something about ourselves? Animals have a way of letting people know things they would not normally figure out on our own.

Since Speedy seems to have turned into a case study in attachment, we asked ourselves what we might be excessively attached to. Where were we rigid in our thoughts, opinions, and comfort zones?

Contemplating on the subject revealed aspects in our lives where we were acting as attached as Speedy to the paper bag. In other words, we had fixed ideas about the way certain projects should turn out. Speedy became a great reminder to stop and whisper to Spirit: “Thy will be done.”

What might the animals in your home or in nature be reminding you about yourself or about life?

We welcome you to answer this question and the “Something to Think About” question at our blogs and forums, so everyone can see your comments.


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* * *

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Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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