When have you upset the natural order established by the pets in your home?

Creating Cat-astrophe

On New Years Day morning, we were relaxing in our living room when Allen noticed that Speedy was not at the top of the cat tree. Our carpeted cat tree is situated so that both Cuddles and Speedy can look out the window at the front yard to see all the birds, squirrels, and people.

Allen did not realize that the cats have a routine in regard to their cat tree. So he went to find Speedy, carried him to the living room, and placed him on the top seat. Speedy settled in, looking a little confused.

Cuddles and Linda watched as Allen did what he thought was a nice thing for Speedy. After Speedy was in place, Cuddles immediately jumped up and tried to get onto the top perch. Speedy wouldn’t let her.

Cuddles sat, alert and in problem-solving mode, on the second perch. Allen began to understand that he must have interfered with the natural order of things: Cuddles has the top perch in the morning, and Speedy occupies it later in the day.  Linda said, “They have their routines and agreements between themselves.”

After about five minutes, Cuddles was still thinking about this situation as she sat on the second highest perch. Meanwhile, Speedy tried to jump down from the top by using the second perch as a stepladder to the floor. Cuddles would not budge, making it impossible for Speedy to get off the cat tree.

Allen decided to fix the cat chaos that he had inadvertently created. He placed Speedy carefully on the floor and then returned Cuddles to her usual morning place on the top perch. The natural order had once again been changed, not by request, but by an outside busy body.

As if to make their point that Allen’s human interference had not been welcomed, Speedy quickly left the room. Cuddles jumped down from the cat tree and followed him out, leaving both perches unoccupied.

There is a spiritual principle known as the Law of Noninterference. Essentially it means that sometimes, things need to happen the way they are set into motion and with silent agreements in place between the people or animals who are directly involved.

When have you upset the natural order established by the pets in your home?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network