Announcement — New Online Pet Products Store

For a long time now, we have been looking for an easy way to raise money for animal organization. They need so much help, especially in these difficult economic times. Now, we are trying out a new project and we need your help to see if it will work.

We would like to announce our new pet products and supply store that features an array of pet products.  It is called ANGEL ANIMALS PETOPIA STORE. We invite you to visit it at

As with all that we do, we will donate a portion of our proceeds from products sold through this store to animal shelters and organizations. 

Although we did not personally select items for the PETOPIA store, many of them would make wonderful pet products and great gifts for animals lovers!

Please visit the store this week. If you are buying these types of pet products anyway, know that by buying them at the ANGEL ANIMALS PETOPIA STORE, you will also be helping animals and nonprofit animal organizations. Enjoy your visit.

Each quarter, we will select an animal organization to receive donations from every item sold at the store and will announce the featured organization at

The first organization we are selecting for donations is called Basic Animal Rescue Training (BART). This is an organization that we know personally because the founder spoke at a  bookstore event we did about our animal rescue book, and we got to know and admire her work.

BART trains EMTs and fire department personnel on how to  save the lives of animals in fires and emergencies. The organization donates oxygen masks that are specially designed to help animal breathe and trains the first responders on how to use the masks. They do a great job and are working all over the country now. The more they train, the safer YOUR pets will be.

Read more about BART at (

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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