What do your pets do to let you or others know that they miss you?

This week, Linda traveled for a week to visit our children and her mother, sister, and nieces and nephews. Allen stayed home due to day-job responsibilities and to hold down the Anderson fort.

Our two cats, Speedy and Cuddles, while being somewhat used to Allen traveling for his job, were not prepared to have Linda gone for so long. Leaf, our cocker spaniel, was also acting oddly and anxiously.

No matter how much Allen played, walked, and talked to Leaf, it was very hard for this adopted dog to emotionally know that his “mommy” would return. Leaf missed his key anchor, his rock in life. Who would he share his daily burdens with? What lap would he rest his head on? Who would toss popcorn kernels for him to catch in mid-air?

Normally, Leaf and the cats do not get along so well, even though there has been an uneasy truce in which they now manage to tolerate each other. Not too much hissing, chasing, or sniffing. But with Linda gone, the three of them started acting differently.

Leaf, Cuddles, and Speedy began giving each other comfort. They even expressed affection with occasional nose-to-nose kisses. Their newfound closeness became more apparent the night before Linda was scheduled to return. Allen went to bed and after hearing a thump, he looked over at Linda’s side of the bed. All three animals lay side by said, fur touching, and falling asleep together.

Allen thought this was impossible with Leaf’s trust issues, but the dog lay on his back in a totally vulnerable position. Cuddles sprawled out next to him, lying on her stomach. Speedy lay next to Cuddles. They made it clear that they needed Linda to return and would seek out each other for comfort until life went back to normal.

What do your pets do to let you or others know that they miss you?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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