“Butterfly Soul” by Mary Hendricks was first published in the Angel Animals Story of the Week on 11/29/08. Reprinted with permission.

By Mary Hendricks

As I sat for hours by our new dog Hula to keep her from taking out her stitches, I enjoyed an amazing gift of love.

Our Sweetie Dog had gone on to the heavenly worlds a month before. Hula, a one-year-old, beautiful chocolate Lab, seemed to be afraid of the doghouse and slept on the floor of the garage.

As I watched Hula, a large butterfly began circling around us. It looked familiar somehow. Then I realized its lower two wings were the same black and white markings as Sweetie had had on her feet. The upper two wings were orange. Sweetie had come back to visit as a butterfly!

I watched the butterfly in awe as it lit on nearly every inch of the doghouse that Sweetie had loved so much, infusing it with her love. Then the butterfly sat on the driveway by us.

From that time on, Hula has loved to be in the doghouse. She felt safe there from storms and loud noises. She could feel Sweetie’s love.

Mary Hendricks and Neil, her husband, live in the country, south of St. Louis, Missouri. Over a year ago, when she was outside, a beautiful black cat of around two years old came up and jumped on Mary’s lap, putting her little paws around Mary’s neck. Mary named the cat Lovey. She happily follows Mary around the house all day. Now Hula and Lovey are learning not to be afraid of each other. Mary leads classes and meetings for her church, Eckankar.


Have you had an after-death visitation that helped you understand that with pets, as with people, the love and spirit never dies?
Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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