Have you had the impression that an animal who passed away guided or handpicked another pet for you?

Heavenly Animal Matchmakers

Many people have written to tell us of animals who seemed to guide the next animal into their lives. This happened to us when our dog Prana presented our next puppy Taylor to Allen in a dream. Prana carried the little one out of a vast ocean and dropped her at Allen’s feet.

When we met Taylor the next day, Allen immediately recognized this soul that Prana had found to be the perfect one to join our family.

The experiences of animals in dreams introducing the next soul to a family leads to the concept that the spirit goes to an inner world between lives and awaits its next assignment. What does a soul that was in an animal body do while it is away?

Monica Ramsten from Helsingborg, Sweden, sent us a description of a series of inner experiences in which she witnessed the journeys of animals in the afterlife. We included her story in our book, ANGEL ANIMALS BOOK OF INSPIRATION (New World Library, 2009). Monica had been wondering what souls do in the afterlife. She especially wanted to know what had happened to her cat Knarren after he died.

Monica wrote, “I saw a school where each animal attended classes at his or her own level of consciousness. There were twelve levels of classes. … I learned that the animals move gradually through these levels as they pick up other animal bodies and return again and again to earth.

“Within each class they attend, the animals go deeper into the subjects they are studying. They spend many lifetimes in the animal kingdom before they are given the chance to move to the ninth level.”

What do the animals learn in the heavenly classes and bring back to earth when they rejoin a person or family for another lifetime? What have they come here to teach humans? Who among us will be wise enough to listen to the Angel Animals?

Have you had the impression that an animal who passed away guided or handpicked another pet for you?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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