Who are the spiritual heroes in your animal family?

Animals as Spiritual Heros

The lighter touch of an animal’s heroism is something people might not so easily appreciate. Dramatic stories of pets saving lives, detecting cancer, doing math, using tools are wonderful and make great newspaper headlines, but we like to point out that animals are also heroes of a different kind.

Who is more of a hero than an animal who has become your best friend, your companion, your reason to come home?

The animals, who live with humans day after day, help people to become more loving and compassionate. These animals are angelic instruments and messengers who stimulate spiritual growth.

When you share your home with animals, their spiritual natures can enlighten you in ways that you may not recognize. Although it’s said jokingly, after living with animals, you may, in fact, become the terrific person your dog thinks you are.

Letting go, being non-judgmental, and serving as a pure vehicle of divine love and light are noble goals. But how often do people tangle themselves in daily office gossip, in feuding, or creating family messes? Unlike animals who are guided by instincts of the heart, people allow their minds to run the show.

There is a simple, often overlooked solution to the human tendency to slide into spiritual mud holes. An easy way to restore your spiritual viewpoint is to listen to your cat and act like your dog!

Repeatedly we have found in our own human-animal family, our beloved pets teach us the spiritual qualities we forget when daily life becomes too hectic and overscheduled.

How blessed we are to have animals in our home who remind us to slow down and remember that life isn’t all about to-do lists.

Who are the spiritual heroes in your animal family?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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