Exciting New Contest Begins TODAY

Inspiring Stories of Animals Who Comfort and Heal Children — Angel Animals Network 2010 True Story Contest

The Angel Animals Network 2010 True Story Contest is now accepting submissions of true stories of animals helping children, parents, and families deal with difficult situations and circumstances. Animals featured in contest stories can be dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, or any house pet or animal in nature. They can be family pets or therapy, assistance, or service animals.

The stories can be written by parents or guardians of children or by the children or teens themselves. Stories can also be written by adults who recall a special animal from childhood or teen years who helped them through a tough period.

This contest hopes to find real-life stories that demonstrate animals comforting and helping to heal children during everyday ups and downs or traumatic events such as divorce or other losses. The stories can depict how children and teens de-stress with animals while learning valuable life lessons.

The contest hopes to find heartwarming and positive stories that deal with children who endure long-term or catastrophic illnesses. The animals in the stories might also be ones who help children who have learning disorders, blindness, deafness, physical/motor, mental, and emotional problems. They might be children with autism that an animal is aiding through their journey.

Any contest entries, but especially those of the winners, will be considered for possible publication in a new book about animals who comfort and heal children by Allen and Linda Anderson to be published by New World Library in Fall 2011.

Contest deadline is September 15, 2010. But get your stories in early so we can read them to see if they are possibilities for the new book.

For more information go to www.angelanimals.net/contests.html

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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