What have your experiences been with surrendering and accepting whatever outcome is truly best for the animal?

The Act of Surrender

The subject of how to know when an animal is ready to leave came up. As we talked with a distraught person who had to face  that most painful decision, we told her something that we want to  share with you.

We’ve noticed over these many years (since 1996) of hearing people’s stories that there is an essential element to making the tough choices. It can be summed up in one word – surrender.

Surrender with its twin sister, trust, are undoubtedly the hardest things you’ll ever do. This means accepting that you will know when it’s time to let go of your beloved pet and that you’ll do the right thing.

We mentioned to our friend that we’d seen the act of surrender have various outcomes.

For some people, when they truly released the situation to divine guidance, they had a peaceful knowingness that the animal needed to be released from a debilitated physical body. This usually was accompanied by some type of outer confirmation from the pet, the veterinarian, or from life.

Making the true and selfless act of surrender allows the animal to choose whether to stay or go. At times, the pet who seems about to die, instead, rallies and recovers. Perhaps because the animal has been holding on to life out of love for a human, this effort has taken energy away from his or her own recovery. Now the pet can focus on getting well.

In the case our friend’s beloved pet decided to live. This has been a journey with a happy ending. But it did take her act of surrender. She had to say to her animal friend, “It’s your choice. Don’t stay only for me.”

What have your experiences been with surrendering and accepting whatever outcome is truly best for the animal?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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