When has Nature presented you with a reminder of a divine presence?

Animals and the Mystical Side of Life

When we walked around the magnificent Lake Harriett in Minneapolis with its Victorian-era bandshell, our dog, Taylor, used to often reveal the mystical side of life. Strangers grinned as they passed by after looking at this dog with her head held high and her tail wagging.

In this setting that transported us back to another day and time, Taylor acted as regal as if she were remembering some past life when she surveyed her kingdom from a high and mighty perch. She inspired our fellow walkers and us to savor each moment and live life with joy. Taylor, assured and confident in the now, communicated that cares and concerns are as transient as the breeze rippling across the sunlit, glistening waters of this serene lake.

One day, since we were a bit worn out that day, Taylor allowed us to stop and rest on a park bench overlooking the lake. There, we basked in the sun and beheld a sight so sweet in its simple truth that we continue to marvel at it.

Industrious spiders had woven tendrils of webbing across an expanse of lake water about the size of a small movie screen. The web spanned from the branches of one tree to another. In its center danced a diamond-shaped branch, which was about six inches long.

The wind swirled this branch like a ballerina. It appeared to be suspended in mid-air with no support. The branch floated in the breezy air with a breathtaking beauty, grace, and resilience.

As we gazed at the spectacle, which had entranced Taylor, we began to talk about how this image reminded us of a truth most people tend to forget. Especially when life deals almighty blows.

The branch, held high above the water by the nearly invisible threads of a cathedral-like spider web, was a heaven-sent image. It said that divine love keeps each of us supported even during times when it feels as if we’ve been left to dangle and blow in the wind.

This, too, is the message that the animal kingdom delivers. Animals remind people that an invisible presence sustains them with unconditional love, even through the most precarious circumstances.

When has Nature presented you with a reminder of a divine presence?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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