Black Dog Syndrome

Last Sunday, we took our black cocker spaniel Leaf to Lake Calhoun Park to get his photo taken as part of the Start Seeing Black Dogs program. The walk was organized by the Dogs Around the Lakes annual print series created by Lintu Art’s ( Sarah Thornton.

Leaf had a blast with apples and carrots as treats to get him to sit and pose for the camera. So now Leaf will be in the running to be featured on the final display print for this project.

Excerpt from Start Seeing Black Dogs,

“Black Dog Syndrome

“Did you know that Black Dogs are generally the last to be adopted and are euthanised in shelters in much larger numbers? People may consider them too ‘plain,’ think they are menacing, or simply don’t notice them because their dark color makes them disappear in their kennels. Those involved in animal welfare have dubbed this phenomena ‘Black Dog Syndrome.’

“According to Wikipedia, Black Dog Syndrome is defined as ‘the low adoption and high euthanasia rate of black dogs in shelters. Black dogs are often the last to be adopted from shelters.’

“MSNBC recently featured an online article that said just that. If you are involved in animal welfare this is not news to you. What IS news is that large media outlets like MSNBC and USA Today as well as publications like BARK Magazine and TIME are featuring articles on the subject. Websites such as Black Pearl Dogs also offer wonderful resources.

“The public is typically unaware that black dogs face such terrible odds at shelters, and are shocked that these wonderful dogs are euthanised in such high numbers. To find out what you can do to help, click here.”

Visit to view images of Leaf getting his photo taken for Dogs Around the Lake: Lake Calhoun featuring Start Seeing Black Dogs!

Allen and Linda Anderson

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