We don’t publish every request for helping animals that we receive. We know that as an animal lover on the Internet, you are receiving e-mails everyday. But we want you to know about the efforts of our friend Jeff Dorson, executive director of the Humane Society of Louisiana. He works tirelessly for the Gulf Coast animals.

Jeff and all the other animal organizations on the Gulf Coast are faced with a crisis that equals or exceeds Hurricane Katrina proportions. The shelters, like Animal Rescue New Orleans www.animalrescueneworleans.org, are overflowing with animals that have been surrendered or “dumped” at their doors by people whose livelihoods are gone and they are leaveing the area.

But animal wildlife organizations are also severely affected by the oil spill. Jeff and Humane Society of Louisiana are trying to help them.

Please read Jeff’s announcement below and do what you can to offer support, if you feel moved to participate. Thank you.

From: JEFF DORSON, Humane Society of Louisiana, www.humanela.org

We need your help in the Gulf! We are traveling by boat to some of the hardest-impacted areas, giving coordinates of animals in distress to wildlife agents.

We are also preparing to file a lengthly report with the local district attorney’s office, asking that they charge BP with cruelty to animals, and we are hosting a two-day strategic planning conference on August 7th-8th in New Orleans to develop and implement new ways to help more animals.

Your donations will support all of these programs. We can’t do this without outside help. Join Operation Here to Help and donate through our Cause page.



Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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