What have been the Angel Animals highlights of your week?


It has been a busy week here in Minneapolis. For us, it is all about the animals. We did a presentation at the Richfield Rotary Club to some wonderful people whose compassion seems to know no bounds. Earlier in the week we did an interview for an Internet radio station.

By Friday we heard from our editor that two amazing actors and animal lovers had sent endorsements for our new book, DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. The book will be released November 1st but is available for pre-order on Amazon.com, bn.com, and borders.com.

Drum roll, please: Betty White, yes, THE Betty White has endorsed the book. Her co-star in the new comedy on TVLand, Wendie Malick also sent an endorsement. You may remember Wendie as the model in the long-playing TV series, “Just Shoot Me!” We are so very grateful for their support.

Now, everything is gearing up for our upcoming book launch and book tour. More about that later. Suffice it to say, this book has an energy that lives up to its title — women and dogs who are unstoppable in their love and devotion.

The week rounded out with a relaxing trip to our favorite dog park where our cocker spaniel Leaf became the star of a new video clip series. We’re calling it “Funny Dog — Wisdom from the Dog Park.” You can see Leaf’s first four videos by going to www.angelanimals.net/dogparkwisdom.html.

You can also view and make comments about all four short videos on YouTube.com by searching for “Funny dog – Wisdom from the Dog Park”.

We would also like to bring your attention to the release of a new book by our friend and a contributor to DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. Jenny Pavlovic has just written a fantastic new book that every person with a dog should have. It is THE NOT WITHOUT MY DOG RESOURCE & RECORD.

The book contains essential information for you to keep about your dog for daily use and during travel or in emergencies. It has sections where you can insert current photos, contact information, and veterinarian records. The book prompts you to also list your dog’s characteristics, feeding schedule, and unique personality. It has pockets for photos, certificates, and important papers along with disaster preparedness information and resources, a dog first aid kit checklist, and travel checklists. It truly is an invaluable resource that you will be so glad to have handy. You can order it at www.8StateKate.net.

What have been the Angel Animals highlights of your week?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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