DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM — Join Us for Live Streaming of Radio Show

We did our FIRST interview for the new book that is coming out in mid-October, DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. It was special, not only by being first, but also because we were on air with three of the amazing women who contributed stories to the book.

We invite you to listen to Sage Lewis, Jenny Pavlovic, Barb Techel and us on “The Pet Playground” hosted and produced by Sage Lewis on AM950-KTNF.

The interview will be aired on Sunday, September 5th at 6:00pm, Central Time. You can listen to the broadcast on AM950-KTNF on your radio if you live in the greater Twin Cities, Minnesota metro area or by live streaming anywhere at You can also download the show anytime after broadcast at

Pre-order our new book on,, and, and It is endorsed by Betty White, Wendie Malick, Vanessa Williams, American Humane Association, Sonya Fitzpatrick, Linda Tellington-Jones, June Cotner, and Patrick McDonnell (creator of MUTTS).
Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network — Where Pets Are Family

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