Have you had any experiences with your feline friends helping you to heal?


In our book, “Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort”, Julie Anne Mock from Santa Barbara, California tells about Melanie, her little black cat. Melanie was a healer who decided to skip nursing school and go right into practice on her own.

Julie had been attempting to feed and medicate Laska, a very sick cat she had brought home from the animal shelter where she volunteers. Laska was near death. Hour by hour, Julie struggled to save the cat’s life.

Thinking Melanie might interfere with the sick cat’s care, Julie locked herself alone with Laska in the bathroom. But Melanie had other ideas. She assigned herself the job of nursing Laska back to health. After Melanie pounded on the door and demanded to get in the bathroom, Julie relented.

Melanie jumped up to the sink where Julie was caring for Laska. From that moment on, day after day, for several weeks, Melanie spent long sessions licking and grooming the sick cat with great tenderness and enthusiasm. Feeling the rough tongue on her forehead, Laska’s eyes closed with pleasure. She extended her neck for more of Melanie’s tender loving care.

Melanie took her job seriously and continued the treatment sessions until Laska was able to keep herself clean. Soon, the two cats became the best of friends with Laska restored to full health.

Healing seems to be a natural part of a cat’s repertoire of skills. Without any on-the-job training, a cat will heal in the most amazing ways. There are even studies now that show that a cat’s purr is a powerful healing agent. The sound frequency level of a cat’s purr, like ultrasound, actually increases bone density and strengthens and heals fractures. As a cat purrs, the vibration of this sound relieves pain and heals tendons and muscles. A person can even lie next to a cat and feel relief from the pain of migraine headaches.

Have you had any experiences with your feline friends helping you to heal?
Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network – Where Pets Are Family

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