You Ought to Be in Pictures: A Screenwriter Debuts Short Stories That Would Make Great Films

You may have read one of Linda Anderson’s Angel Animals series of books as she explores the deep bond between people and their pets. But did you know that Linda also writes fiction? She’s inviting you to read her book of short stories available in E-book format.
Linda, an award-winning writer, takes film buffs and readers into realistic and quirky worlds where unforgettable characters with compelling conflicts come alive on the screens of imaginations. Using loglines and genres to set the tone, she presents eight unique plots and a range of engaging characters. She encourages readers to become producers (at least, in their minds) and cast the stories as full-length films and short features.
“Feature Length Film” stories in this collection answer the question: What if?

What if a New Jersey rowhouse wall that separates two people, who are in need of mutual redemption, reveals them to each other? What if Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were reunited with the help of a pliable young couple who impersonate the icons? What if an act of school violence destroyed everything a dedicated teacher believed in? What if making a list of qualities for an ideal man had unexpected consequences?
In the “Short Features” stories section of You Ought to Be in Pictures, a grandmother in the 1950s takes on Walter Cronkite and issues a prophetic warning about media influencing the outcome of news stories. A son seeks a unique kind of revenge before his father’s demise. And a teenage nun learns about love from a dying plumber.
You Ought to Be in Pictures: A Screenwriter Debuts Short Stories That Would Make Great Films challenges readers to envision themselves as filmmakers and to view the book’s short stories as movies they would love seeing on the big screen. Film rights to each of the stories are available. Hollywood, are you listening?
You can order from or from the Angel Animals Network Online Bookstore.
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Angel Animals Online Bookstore (PDF):;jsessionid=A40FDAB26544F0A462E436BA6B4F1830.qscstrfrnt01?productId=23&categoryId=1

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