What were your pets like as babies?


Linda was recently talking with Cuddles while the cat watched her typing at the keyboard of her laptop. Linda picked Cuddles up and placed the cat in her lap. She told Cuddles about how tiny she had been when we first brought her home from the animal shelter. Linda said, “When you were a baby, you used to curl up in my lap and sleep while I worked at the computer.”

After their moment of reminiscing, Cuddles went back over to the table from where she had been observing Linda. She stopped and seemed to be thinking about the fond memory Linda had shared with her. Then Cuddles extended her paw and crawled onto Linda’s lap, just as she had as a kitty.

Isn’t it grand to let yourself be a treasured baby once again?

What were your pets like as babies?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network – Where Pets Are Family

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