Funny Video at a Dogs and the Women Who Love Them Book Event

Very funny story from Nancy Brooks on a child explaining how to make babies to a R.E.A.D. therapy dog at

Allen and Linda Anderson
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Dogs and the Women Who Love Them


When we give our talks and facilitate Angel Animals workshops after someone has shared a story about his or her spiritual connection with a special animal, we often ask what was going on in the person’s life at the time. This is when the awareness dawns that a memorable experience with a pet or animal in nature has reflected the person’s spiritual lessons, challenges, or attitudes.

We call these “spiritual blind spots.” They are aspects of yourself that you can’t see, but an animal reveals them to you.

Animals reflect what you’re all about — your values, interests, and personality. What you may not realize is that animals can also be spiritual barometers for whatever you’re hiding from the world and yourself. They manifest your state of consciousness — fleas and all.

Animals, as souls, are spiritually engineered to give service. So are humans, but people tend to carry a lot of mental and emotional baggage, making it more complex for them to be pure and loving vehicles for love. As a service, animals reflect aspects of your personality and spiritual makeup that may be keeping you from becoming your most evolved, loving, enlightened self.

Spiritual blind spots are the needs and desires you don’t, can’t, or won’t admit you harbor. Recognizing and accepting them fosters spiritual growth, because the first step toward loving God and others is to love yourself completely.

Animals often depict scenes of your secrets brought to the big screen in living Technicolor by an animal actor. The spiritual blind spots animals bring to your attention enable you to discover whatever hinders you from being all you were meant to be.

Has an animal ever shown you a spiritual blind spot?

On another note, when we went to Chicago for the DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM book tour, we did a radio interview with Steve Dale, the renowned syndicated columnist, author, speaker, and animal advocate . Steve’s radio show and podcasts are on the “best” lists and have received many awards. He’s such a unique and authentic voice on the air. You’ll understand why people don’t ever want to miss one of his shows. Go to Chicago radio’s WLS-AM website and click on “Expanded Steve Dale’s Pet World Petcast – November 22, 2010”. Let us know what you think.

To have the fun and excitement of virtually joining us on the launch of DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM, take a look at the clips of events, including Linda Anderson reading to the R.E.A.D. dogs — dogs who graciously listen to children read and help them gain self-confidence. Go to the website and search “dogs and the women who love them”.

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network — Where Pets Are Family!

Dogs and the Women Who Love Them


Cats get labeled as jealous. It’s not clear why that particular flaw has been pinned on them. But we had a beautiful lesson from our cat Speedy when he showed us the meaning of true generosity.

Speedy is a sweetheart but also an aging, overweight cat. We can relate. He rules the house and especially his much more agile and younger sister, Cuddles.

We observe their relationship and marvel at how well Speedy makes Cuddles do what he wants. He is also patient when she pesters him to play with her. But this week, Speedy, a nice but firm gentleman, demonstrated that regardless of how he keeps her in line, he always has Cuddles’s best interests at heart.

Speedy has taken over the top rung of the kitty condo in our living room. He loves that shelf by the window where he can curl up and sleep or look out at the world going by. This used to be Cuddles’s spot until Speedy decided to pull rank. This meant Cuddles had to sleep on the middle floor of the kitty condo.

One evening Linda was petting and kissing Cuddles as they curled up together on the couch. Speedy watched intently. Linda was surprised to hear the distinct sound of Speedy’s loud purr. As he watched his little sister being loved, it brought him such pleasure that he purred his satisfaction.

We talked about the incident of Speedy purring while Cuddles received affection and wondered how many people would derive so much joy from another’s good fortune. Oh, the things we can learn from cats!

Now Speedy spends more time lounging on the back of the couch. He purrs and licks Allen’s head and his cheeks. Both seem to be enjoying their time together.

Visit to see photos of Speedy and Cuddles.

By the way, we just ended Week 3 of our book launch for DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. It was a wonderful experience to meet all the dog lovers. But we had a special treat at Valley Booksellers, a super independent bookstore in Stillwater, Minnesota. Five dogs showed up for the event. Linda had the pleasure of reading to them about how special dogs are.

Visit to view a video of the reading.

Allen and Linda Anderson


This was the second week of our “drive-by” book tour from Minneapolis to Chicago with stops at Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois. It has been a thrill to meet and greet the devoted dog lovers and animal enthusiasts who come to these book events. To those of you who are joining our Angel Animals Story of the Week newsletter family for the first time this week after meeting us at a bookstore – Welcome!

In Madison we were able to have Linda read about how great dogs are to two R.E.A.D. dogs — Willow and Molly. They and their handlers are part of a wonderful organization called Dogs on Call. This group has pet therapy dogs who listen to children read at libraries and schools. The group’s volunteers also take therapy dogs to nursing homes and assisted living facilities to visit with seniors.

Polly Cisco, the president of Dogs and Call, spoke eloquently about what the R.E.A.D. dogs do to help children who are having difficulties. It goes so much further than raising test scores and improving skills. Reading to a dog increases children’s self-confidence in ways that go far beyond academic achievement.

Polly told about a little boy who had been bullied. He read to Polly’s R.E.A.D. dog regularly and loved it. Then he asked Polly if he could take her dog to Show and Tell in his classroom, and she said yes.

On the day when the child introduced Polly’s dog to his class, he stood proudly in front of the room and shared with the students the research he had done on the dog’s breed — golden retriever. Then he allowed students to come to the front of the room, one by one, and pet the dog.

Polly said that instead of being the child who was bullied; he was now the child in charge of the room. He stood proudly that day and gained stature in the eyes of his classmates. All with the help of a willing and loving dog.

In Milwaukee our event was co-hosted at Boswell Book Company by the Wisconsin Humane Society. Anne Reed, the organization’s executive director, introduced us. Later, we interviewed her in front of the group and asked about the shelter’s philosophies, accomplishments, and challenges. WHS also rescues wildlife in addition to rescuing and preparing domesticated animals for re-homing.

Anne emphasized that shelter dogs are not necessarily dogs who got into trouble and were kicked out of their homes. They are usually animals who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. Most of the animals are surrendered and have full histories that can be passed along to adopters. Some are fostered until they can be adopted. The group’s volunteers were there to sell raffle tickets and give out information for how the community can support the shelter.

In Chicago at Anderson’s Bookshop (no relation to us, but it would be nice) we featured the no-kill shelter A.D.O.P.T. Donna Picard, a board member, shared information about the shelter. She also brought bookmarks for people to take. Each one had the photo and short story about an animal who needs a home on one side and contact information for the shelter on the other side. What a great idea for any shelter that is going to take part in an author book event!

A highlight for this leg of the journey was our interview with the extraordinary Steve Dale. In addition to his Chicago radio show, nationally syndicated radio show/podcast, and Steve Dale Pet Minute, he has a syndicated pet column and writes articles for USA Weekend. He also serves on the board of many nonprofit animal welfare organizations, including one we have much admiration for — American Humane Association.

Steve was delightful to talk with, and we felt as if we made a new friend with a man who has devoted his career to helping animals in every way possible. More to come after we find out when you can listen to these interviews.

We stopped along the way to and from Minneapolis at Barnes & Nobles Bookstores in Madison and Rockford to sign books. What a warm reception we received as the managers pulled out stacks for us to autograph and sticker with the notice that these were now “author signed” books.

Visit to view photos and videos of our drive by book launch celebration tour.

Keep up with us by going to

You may notice that most of the places where we are doing presentations are independent bookstores. We are trying to help support these beacons of light and learning in local communities. We appreciate all the bookstores, online and brick & mortar, that sell our books. But if you want to make a difference in your communities, please consider also buying books from independent bookstores.

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network — Where Pets Are Family

Our Favorite Time of Year

We are in the midst of our favorite time of year – when we come fully out of our world and enter the world of animal lovers who read our book.

This week was the beginning of the launch of our new book, DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. Dog enthusiasts (male and female) came to the events we did in St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Minnetonka, Minnesota. They brought photos of their dogs and told all of us why they love them.

We were able to introduce them to some of the amazing women who have stories in the book. Janet Ballard helped us understand more about her relationship with a terribly abused German shepherd, Major, who blossomed with her love and training into a national champion K9 dog.

Janet continues with Major’s legacy by rescuing dogs from “euthanasia row” and transforms them into bomb and drug-sniffing dogs. Who knows how many lives these dogs have saved? Major saved Janet’s life twice. Marilyn Walton wrote Janet’s story for our book.

Jenny Pavlovic talked at each event about the Australian cattle dog she named 8 State Hurricane Kate. She brought Kate from Louisiana through eight states and back to Minnesota after adopting the dog while doing rescue work following Hurricane Katrina.

Many of the people at the events related to Sage Lewis when she spoke about how her life was at an all-time low when she rescued a Plott Hound she named Java. Just about every good thing and new adventure, including becoming a Tellington TTouch trainer, coach, and animal communicator, she attributes to her relationship with Java.

One of the highlights of each event was when we all got to meet R.E.A.D. Minnesota dogs Queen Sassy and Willow. These wonderful dogs listen to children read and each of their handlers, Nancy Brooks and Jennifer, were able to tell success stories. Children who had no confidence about their reading abilities now look forward with great anticipation to the day when they can read to a dog. These dogs are responsible for children’s reading test scores rising but equally important, for their falling in love with reading books.

At the Minnetonka Borders book event we featured a great group called Secondhand Hounds. Their mission, in addition to rescuing dogs who are slated for euthanization, is to bring candidates to Can Do Canines. The rescued dogs are then trained to become service dogs for adults and children with disabilities. Secondhand Hounds has also started a new program in which they foster dogs for women who are escaping abusive situations and need a place for their pets to also be  safe.

People who attend our book events get to know more about the book and us, but they also discover the “underground” world that takes place in their own communities where generous people and loving animals give service to those in need.

And Linda has had the thrill of reading a part of the book to R.E.A.D. dogs who listened attentively.

Visit to see a video of Linda reading to the R.E.A.D. dog at the Minnetonka event. Visit to view picture of the book events.

Today, one of the book’s contributors, Bobbi Leder, is signing DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM at Natural Pawz in Houston as a fundraiser for Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

On Thursday, Kim Dudek brought her rescued pit bull Dag to Octavia Books in New Orleans. A packed room herad Dag’s courageous comeback story from our book. He changed from tortured dog fighting ring dog to healed and loved inspiration for Dag’s House. This is where Kim and her staff now rehabilitate disabled dogs.

Next week, we’ll meet some more of the most wonderful people and dogs on the planet in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago (Naperville), Illinois. People in Madison will meet a R.E.A.D. dog. At Milwaukee, the event will be co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Humane Society. In Naperville, the fine folks at the no-kill shelter A.D.O.P.T. will share their goodness.

And thanks to our great pet sitter who takes care of our home and animal family members while we are gone.

Please consider going to the book events and tuning into the media interviews. We’d love to meet you and have your support.

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You can join in the fun with our new book! We invite you to share photos of your dog(s) sitting next to DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. Send your jpegs to  View photos at See the full announcement in the Announcement Section.

Allen and Linda Anderson

I Am Woman, Hear Me Bark

Once a year we have a new book that we introduce through our website and newsletter.  Please indulge us with this issue of the Angel Animals Story of the Week newsletter. We are sharing a story from the book and writing about the special and unique relationships women and dogs form to bring more love into the world.

A Dallas woman made a difference in the lives of disabled veterans with the help of a black Lab as star dog trainer (and wound up on David Letterman). A Michigan woman mobilized an entire community plus a helpful rabbit because her lost rescued dog had captured their hearts.

A New Orleans businesswoman turned a dog-fighting pit bull into a gentle poster boy for paraplegic animals to rehabilitate other handicapped dogs. A Los Angeles public relations firm president realized a childhood dream of becoming Santa’s lead reindeer Rudolph because a childhood dog let her put lipstick on his nose.

These true case studies show women accomplishing great things when a canine companion lit up their lives. They, and many more, are featured in our new book DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration by Allen and Linda Anderson, published by New World Library with a foreword by #1 New York Times best-selling author Rory Freedman. She says, “This book will open your heart, warm your soul, and make you proud to be a dog-loving woman.”

O Magazine recommended DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM, and it’s on the website. Betty White, Wendie Malick, Vanessa Williams, and American Humane Association, among others endorsed the book.

In the book we’ve been able to identify major life milestones that women can achieve so much easier with the love and loyalty of a canine companion.

Because dogs opened their hearts to love and their minds to possibilities, the women in this book healed from life-threatening illnesses, started new careers or missions, pulled entire groups together for a common good, learned to love again, chose better mates and dates, transformed the lives of children and people with disabilities, brought joy and comfort to the elderly and ill, and laughed when they felt like crying.

You’ll have the pleasure of meeting:

***Miguel, a Newfoundland-Labrador mix who introduced an impoverished child to Rosanne Nordstrom, a resourceful woman who became like a mother to him. Their new family serves as Chicago’s version of the popular movie The Blind Side — plus a dog who brought people from entirely different cultural and ethnic backgrounds together in unselfish love.

***Euri, a loving English cocker spaniel, inspired Houston’s Bobbi Leder to become a dog writer columnist and miraculously healed her of a chronic illness.

***Beau, a rescued black Lab became “co-founder” of Patriot PAWS, a Texas nonprofit that Lori Stevens started to train service dogs for disabled veterans. Beau was featured on NBC Nightly News, Late Night with David Letterman, and Animal Planet.

***Major, an abused and neglected German shepherd, saved the life of national-award winning police dog trainer Janet Koch Ballard while serving as her K-9 partner.

***McDuff, a Scottish terrier, turned Judy McFadden into his soul mate as the dog brought healing pet therapy to Henderson, Nevada’s most severely disabled residents.

***Frankie, a dachshund in a doggie wheelchair, inspired Barbara Techel to write award-winning children’s books. She designed a school campaign with Frankie to help children appreciate differences in each other.

***Buster Dawn, a rescued pit bull-mix, taught Los Angeles Times and Washington Post contributing writer and author Karen Dawn to grieve without apologies for a dog family member.

We will be doing a book tour with presentations that feature local animal organizations in the following ciites:

***Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud, Minnetonka, Stillwater, Minnesota (These events include contributors Sage Lewis, Jenny Pavlovic, and Janet Ballard at most of them and a dog-woman photo look-alike contest with prizes.)

***Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Includes a dog-woman look-alike contest with prizes.)

***Chicago (Naperville), Illinois (This event includes contributor Rosanne Nordstrom and a dog-woman look-alike contest with prizes.)

Contributors to the book will be doing presentations or signings in:
Los Angeles, California
Tempe, Arizona
New Orleans, Louisiana
Houston, Texas
Madison, Wisconsin
Liverpool, New York

For a complete listing of book events and media interviews, go to, Please consider going to the book events and tuning into the media interviews. We’d love to meet you and have your support.

DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM is available at, signed by the authors. You can also find it at,,,, and other bookstores nationwide and online.

What women would appreciate receiving DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM as a gift that honors their special relationships with canine friends?


Okay, let’s have some more fun with our new book! We invite you to share photos of your dog(s) sitting next to DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. Send your jpegs to  View photos at See the full announcement in the Announcement Section.

Allen and Linda Anderson