How would you describe your dog’s personality? Is it similar to yours?


Linda has been reading a fascinating book that she wants to recommend. It’s THROUGH A DOG’S EYES by Jennifer Arnold (Spiegel & Grau, 2010). Jennifer is founder and executive director of Canine Assistants, a service-dog school in Milton, Georgia. Below is Linda’s review.

What I love about THROUGH A DOG’S EYES is how it presents so many fascinating bits of information about why dogs do what they do and how the world looks to them. I first saw Jennifer on a PBS special and was impressed with her techniques for matching dogs with people who have disabilities.

While Allen and I wrote ANGEL DOGS WITH A MISSION, I learned a lot about the beginnings of training dogs to serve people with mobility impairments. The book had two great stories in it based on interviews we did with the amazing Bonnie Bergin (Bergin Institute of Canine Studies) and Kerrill Knaus-Hardy.

These two women and their first dog Abdul were responsible for training the first service dogs, other than those who were helping people with visual impairments. Jennifer and Bonnie have both continued this valuable work, and the two are colleagues in this field of endeavor.

One of the most interesting parts of Jennifer’s book is the chapter on dogs’ personalities. She explains that the best matches between people and dogs occur when the two have similar personalities. Her organization figures out personality profiles for dogs by using the Canine Behavior Type Index (CBTI) developed by Kenneth Dagley, a trainer, and Dr. Jaqueline Perkins, a veterinarian, from the GOOD DOG Behaviour Clinics in Australia.

Jennifer also recommends an interesting, free test you can try, described as the “first scientific dog personality test.” After you understand your dog’s personality, you can understand how best to relate to him or her.

How would you describe your dog’s personality? Is it similar to yours?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network — Where Pets Are Family

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