When women love animals and are determined to express this love, they are invincible in their pursuit. A classic example is scientist, author, and inspirational speaker Jane Goodall. Her love for chimps in the forests of Gombe catapulted her into becoming a respected spokesperson for the protection of endangered species and animal welfare causes.

The pristine forests offered Jane an exquisite peace and tranquility. In a passage from her book REASON FOR HOPE (Warner Books 1999), she writes about what close contact with animals means to her.

“On an open grassy ridge the chimps climbed into a massive mbula tree, where Fifi, replete from the morning’s feasting, made a large comfortable nest high above me. She dozed through a midday siesta, little Fanni asleep in her arms, Frodo and Freud playing nearby. How healing it was to be back at Gombe again, and by myself with the chimpanzees and their forest. I had left the busy, materialistic world so full of greed and selfishness and, for a little while, could feel myself, as in the early days, a part of nature.”

Women turn to animals for comfort, playtime, serenity, unconditional love, and a number of other spiritual qualities they can’t find as readily from any other source. They nourish and rescue animals and receive similar blessings in return from them.

What are animals in your home or in nature giving you the freedom to experience?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network – Where Pets Are Family

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