This week we spoke to a local Rotary Club about the spiritual lessons people can learn from animals. After the talk one of the Rotarians asked us what we thought about animals being allowed in church to attend services. He said, “So many people love their dogs, but the dog has to wait out in the car while the person goes into church. I think they should be allowed inside.”

This reminded us of a story we shared in ANGEL ANIMALS BOOK OF INSPIRATION. Mary Elizabeth Martucci, a retired university administrator from South Bend, Indiana, says that parishioners in her childhood church renewed their relationship with God in a unique way.

One Sunday, Mary’s dog Skippy started attending services. The dog followed the then eight-year-old girl to church, sneaked into the side door, walked down the aisle, lowered himself onto the sanctuary carpet, and observed the service. The congregants watched in awe and amusement. Afterwards, Skippy walked back out the side door.

To Mary’s surprise and relief, the pastor was so impressed with the dog’s respectful demeanor that he allowed Skippy to continue attending services. Skippy’s close attention to the proceedings prompted parishioners to become more mindful and reverential. Mary concluded that her dog had reminded everyone that even an animal could honor his Creator in church on Sundays.

What do you think? Would you like to or do you already attend church with your animal family member?

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