Does your dog, bird, cat, ferret, hamster, or reptile companion tell you when it is time to stop working and get some rest? Our pets do.

For example, Cuddles is our timekeeper for breaks, sleep, and food. She keeps a steady eye on Linda and her working schedule as she edits, writes, and creates book about our love of animals.

Cuddles is okay with the regular work hours, but as day turns to evening, she begins her distraction activies. Before bedtime, she supports us by finding lost or misplaced files, keeping her tail off the monitor when sitting on top of it, or quietly getting into a Buddha-like pose next to the computer.

When it gets late and we’re overdoing, Cuddles begins her important task of ending the workday. She looks at us as if to say, “Stop already!” Then she plops down on and covers the one paper Linda needs to continue her immediate writing task. Cuddles won’t move and with a rock-solid determination, she keeps her eyes steadily on Linda until she says, “You’re right.”

Although Cuddles can be the most persuasive because she jumps on on top of Linda’s desk, our cocker spaniel Leaf has his say as well. When the working versus playing time gets to be too much out of balance, he lifts his head to the sky and howls at the top of his lungs. That does it. Time to forget the to-do list and have some rest and relaxation with our dog.

Do animals in your home let you know when it’s time to stop or take a break?
Allen and Linda Anderson

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