First published in Angel Animals Story of the Week, February 16,  2008.

By Kathy Fahey

I had a wonderful experience this morning and I thought of sharing it with you. I came to my computer and found your email to me. Hmmm!

Twenty years ago my family had a small, blind schnauzer named Charlie. He and I quickly bonded and although he was the family dog, we had a very special relationship.

He came to us as a puppy, blind. We didn’t know. He was so smart that he had memorized the room he was in when we chose him. Needless to say, Charlie used all of his other senses to the max.

I was in nursing school at the time. Charlie would monitor the hours I stayed up late to do papers. At 3:00 a.m. he would draw the line. He would sit on my books and papers and growl and bark until I said, “Okay, let’s go to bed.”

Since I commuted to school and worked, I had a different schedule everyday. I was never home at the same time. But everyday, 45 minutes before I would arrive home, be it 2:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m., Charlie would leave my bed and come sit at the front door.

This is how my parents always knew that I was on my way home. My father was particularly proud of his blind dog. He called Charlie the smartest creature on four legs.

I used to talk to Charlie and tell him I knew he understood everything that I said. I would say that if he showed me a sign that he understood, I promised not to tell anyone. He didn’t give me a sign. But I still believed it.

Charlie lived till the ripe age of fourteen.

Years later, my brother and some other friends were involved in a session with the famous medium George Anderson. At one point, George said, “Charlie is here.”

Nobody knew a person named Charlie on the other side. Finally after struggling, my brother said, “We had a dog named Charlie.” George Anderson said, “Yes, he is here, sitting on Billy’s’ lap.” (Billy was the friend they were trying to reach.)

Last night I was feeling ill. I took a decongestant, and it made me very irritable. I went out to feed my horses, goats, cats, and dog. Every single one of them made me crazy-angry. I started yelling, “Not one of you is listening to me!”

I came inside, knowing I shouldn’t be tending to the animals when I was in a foul mood. I went back outside later, feeling guilty for yelling. I offered apple treats to all. Yet I still went to bed feeling guilty.

As I slept this morning, a cat sleeping between my legs, I dreamed that Charlie was lying on my pillow next to me. He wore black, wrap-around sunglasses. As if to say, “Yes, it is me, the blind one.”

In the dream I took the glasses off of Charlie, held him with joy, and expressed my love. I told him how much I missed him and that I hadn’t spent enough time with him. I told him he needed a bath.

I hugged and hugged him. Then thought, I have to tell Dad that Charlie came to me. That’s when I remembered my father is dead. But in the dream I saw Dad riding around on his scooter, in my room, as if he had brought Charlie to me.

I believe that Charlie knew I needed his support. He knew I needed to know I can get across to my animals, and that even though I had been feeling guilty about being upset, I am not bad.

Kathy Fahey lives on her small ranch in South Florida with nine animals — two horses, four goats, two cats, and one dog. Kathy works as a nurse in a critical care unit and volunteers time in environmental preservation and disaster preparedness.


Have you had a dream with an animal in which you were comforted?


Allen and Linda Anderson

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