Well, we didn’t exactly mean to ignite a firestorm. But that’s what happened when we introduced the topic of whether it’s cruel to keep cats indoor? If you missed the blog, go to <> to read what started all the discussion.

We posted the blog on our Facebook accounts and had hundreds of comments from people who agreed and disagreed. To our relief, they did so with great civility.

Most people thought that outdoor cats are much more likely to be killed by cars and predators as well as pick up fatal diseases. Even those who cling to the wish to make their cats happy by letting them outside admitted that their outdoor cats had much shorter life span than those kept inside.

Many responders said that the ideal is an indoor cat who has an enclosed outdoor area for getting exercise and communing with nature. Keeping indoor cats stimulated with toys, cat grass, games, and exercise also won lots of approval.

Thanks to everyone who commented on Facebook about the subject. We think all of us learned a lot by reading people’s answers to the questions.

Now on to the next topic: If you could listen in on our pets’ conversations, what would we hear them saying about you and living in your home?

You can can post your answers at our Angel Animals Facebook page: and “Like” Angel Animals while you’re there. We’re looking forward to reading what’s on your pets’ minds (at least, in your imagination).
Allen and Linda Anderson

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