What are the connections you have observed when life greets life?


Networking is an esteemed practice in business. Get to know the right people who might know even better people. Animals have a different way of networking. They connect with humans and each other in ways you might not recognize if you’re only tuned into mental channels.

How connected is all life? Do we live in a cosmic network that recognizes each transition, each entry and passing?

Bee Horton thinks we do.

Bee lives in a small village in Ecuador. She is involved in reforestation and spends much of her time planting pine and avocado trees on land that has been depleted and eroded due to excessive tree-cutting. She wrote to us about a calf’s miraculous birth.

“On a day I had anticipated for a long time, I watched my cow Kaula give birth to a beautiful calf. I guided the infant to his first breakfast on his mother’s tit. After the birth, I left the milk bucket and ran to our house. I could hardly wait to announce the good news with a radio call to the rest of the family. They, too, were exuberant to hear about Kaula’s baby.

“When I returned to Kaula and opened the gate to her corral, I began to hear a sound that I can only describe as heavenly. I listened, transfixed, to what seemed like thousands of bees roaring in a swarm. I looked up to the sky and around the farm but saw nothing. As I crossed the corral, the sound continued full and beautiful. It sent me soaring into an almost mystical trance.

“After I reached Kaula, I admired her calf, so strong and content. Then I stopped to fill my bucket with fresh milk. The sound continued to bring incredible joy and peace to my heart. I wondered if Kaula could hear it too, since together we’d experienced the miracle of her giving birth. I took the bucket of milk and crossed the corral once again. As I closed the gate, the miraculous sound faded away.

“I believe that God, the Creator, treasures all creation. The birth of an animal is a joyous and sacred moment. Hearing this welcoming spiritual sound reminded me that each animal comes into this world offering gifts of love and companionship.”

What are the connections you have observed when life greets life?

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Allen and Linda Anderson

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