How do cat world and dog world differ in your home?


We have often wondered what our cat Cuddles thinks of how we relate to our cocker spaniel Leaf. Sometimes, she looks at us quizzically when we praise Leaf for behaviors that come second nature to her.

For example, we give Leaf positive reinforcement when he goes to the back door and squeals to be let out to relieve himself. We lavish emotional, heightened praise on him. “Oh, Leaf, good boy. You told us you have to go.”

Cuddles watches us with an expression of amazement on her face. Her world of fastidious kitty litter use and personal cleanliness, with a ritual of fur licking, is beyond a dog’s world of housetraining.

Here are a few other discrepancies between cat and dog world in our house:

Belly rubs – After watching Leaf roll over on his back to beg for a tummy rub, Cuddles tried the maneuver to see what all the fuss was about.  She found having us pet her belly to be of absolutely no interest or pleasure.

Leaf’s bed – Cuddles sprawls out on Leaf’s bed at night and manages to keep him off of it until she moves away.  Is this a power struggle or is Cuddles trying to find out if she prefers Leaf’s bed to hers? Actually her favorite bed is ours. She sleeps curled up against Linda for most of the night.

Leaf’s water bowl — Cuddles rarely drinks out of her bowl. She makes Leaf sit and wait until she finishes using his bowl before he can get a drink.

Leaf’s chew toys – Cuddles never understood this concept of chewing on a toy. She watches Leaf with an expression that says, “How disgusting!”

Leaf chasing a ball – After observing Allen bounce a ball for Leaf across the hallway, Cuddles tried to chase it a couple of times. “How boring,” she said and wandered off to lick her paws.

How do cat world and dog world differ in your home?


Allen and Linda Anderson

Angel Animals Network