What are your tips for reassuring yourself and your pets while you are away?


During the warmer months many will go on trips, vacations, and travel for work. There are occasion when we (Linda and Allen) travel and we always make sure our animal family members are taken care of if one of us is not home with them. When one of us is traveling and the other is at home, the absent partner calls.

We’re not only checking in with each other but we take this opportunity to exchange small talk with the dog and cat. All right, it would sound silly to someone overhearing us chatting with Leaf while his tail circles as he wags

If you have a speakerphone for this type of call, that is even better. Then the at-home recipient doesn’t have to sit for five minutes holding a phone to the dog’s ear. (Our bird hears telephone conversations all the way from the other room!)

If you have a pet-sitter (who won’t think you’re nuts), you can arrange to phone home when the sitter will be at the house. Then your animals will get their daily dose of love and encouragement.

If you have a video cam, you can videotape yourself talking to your dog or cat and have it played once a day by the at-home person or pet sitter. (Record an audiocassette tape also so you can speak soothingly and reduce your pet’s separation anxiety.) The reassurance of your voice and image will be the highlight of your animal companion’s day.

What are your tips for reassuring yourself and your pets while you are away?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network – Where Pets Are Family

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