“If you’ve ever doubted animals have souls, this book will open your heart and mind to truly believing we are all connected. You will never doubt again. Your life will be enriched far beyond what you could have ever imagined and you will have author Allen Anderson to thank for it.” A DOG NAMED LEAF is a great gift idea for the dog loving friends and family in your life!
–Barbara Techel,

A DOG NAMED LEAF is a beautiful story told with honesty and depth. You’ll be changed by Allen and Leaf’s journey. This book will fill you with hope.
–Peggy Frezon,

“Part ‘Marley and Me’ and part Jon Katz… the story is endearing, and the many photographs of Leaf running, swimming, and chasing a tennis ball in south Minneapolis are adorable.”
–Laurie Hertzel, “The Browser” MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE,

“Allen’s writing is able to draw the reader into some peak moments of challenge and choice in the life of both Leaf and himself, as a family. It is a rare glimpse into the deep workings of spirit through our animal human love bonds. It is one of the best examples of how we need one another to heal and that the commitment to love through all things brings forth the magic of miracles.”

“…The authorial voice is distinctly Allen’s. In 2006, Allen learns that he has an unruptured brain aneurysm, seven months after the family adopts a black cocker spaniel, Leaf, from a shelter. Throughout, he clearly conveys the affection that he and his dog have for each other and how that affection proved crucial to his recovery from brain surgery…”
–PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, September 24, 2012


“I couldn’t put the book down. The trials so honestly written by the author will touch your heart. The story of Leaf’s journey and healing will amaze you; not too heavy; there’s humor, but it’s a journey which will inspire you and touch your heart at the courage, love, and experiences of the author and his wonderful dog. It’s very special.”

“5.0 out of 5 stars. This book is to be shared — buy two, as you will certainly want to give one as a gift! A DOG NAMED LEAF truly touched my heart. Allen helps us to see that there is so much more going on in our relationships with our animal companions. I hope it will help others to be more aware of this incredible love bond between Souls and to also help us respect one another more. THANK YOU, Allen! I love this book! Great for all who have dogs or anyone who has furry or feathered friends!
–Misha’s Mom

“It is a compelling, engaging, mesmerizing true story. … This book is packed with day-to-day, moment-to-moment experiences between Allen, Linda, and Leaf, demonstrating the animal-human spiritual bond. The similarities between the challenges both Leaf and Allen face are astounding…The Andersons are on to something. The bond is real. My husband is now reading my copy of the book. Well written. Highly recommended.”
–Dorothy Weiss

“I love Leaf, Allen, and Linda. This book is so beautifully written. I couldn’t put it down. Allen is so brave to have shared his journey to health with us. Leaf is truly an amazing dog (Soul). I would recommend this book to anyone. I was inspired to look at all pets, including my cat Angel, with even more respect and insight into their ability to help their humans be more open to love and guidance.”
–Sheila B.

“5.0 out of 5 stars. Transcends the Pet-Animal Story Genre by Leaps and Bounds. I finished this book in two sittings. It’s a page-turner. It’s about every day life in its most usual aspects — making a living and partnering with your spouse. But it’s also about how the past weaves seamlessly with the future to make you whole. It’s also about life and death — enduring a life-threatening illness and having to go way beyond preconceived limits of patience and stamina.

“However, the heart of this story is where the golden nugget lies. What you read bypasses the mind completely and rings a bell deep inside you. You ask yourself: Could this really happen? For some, the events described may strain credulity. However, author Allen Anderson brings you step-by-step into the shared world of man and dog in a way that directly addresses the most spiritual part of ourselves.

“And it transcends the pet/animal — human connection books that are plentiful on the market. What you see unfolding is a special inner and outer weaving of events by both human and animal that most of us aren’t aware of.

“I finished the book and wondered: What do animals really KNOW? Are they doing these kinds of things all the time? Who ARE they, really? And it makes you wonder if you can discover these invisible
connections in your own life.

“This isn’t another story of a warm-hearted friendship between a man and his dog — though it is this too. This is about how a dog — with great love –actually entered the inner reality of his friend to help save him — and was able to succeed where human explanations and efforts failed. Quite a coup for a little four-legged creature who was once abandoned, and then found by this remarkable author.”
–Barbara Buckner


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