A Dog Named Leaf — Book Reviews

A DOG NAMED LEAF featured on the cover of AWARENESS MAGAZINE

A DOG NAMED LEAF featured on the cover of AWARENESS MAGAZINE

“This is a wonderful book that shares the personal life struggles and loving support between a dog and his family. Written with honesty, humor, introspection and warmth. I have purchased several to share with dear friends as it has touched me deeply!” –Betty Redfield (Syracuse, NY, US), Amazon.com review

“Part Marley and Me and part Jon Katz… the story is endearing, and the many photographs of Leaf running, swimming, and chasing a tennis ball in south Minneapolis are adorable.” –Laurie Hertzel, “The Browser” Minneapolis Star Tribune

“…The authorial voice is distinctly Allen’s. In 2006, Allen learns that he has an unruptured brain aneurysm, seven months after the family adopts a black cocker spaniel, Leaf, from a shelter. Throughout, he clearly conveys the affection that he and his dog have for each other and how that affection proved crucial to his recovery from brain surgery.” –Publishers Weekly, September 24, 2012

“This touching, almost lyrical book [A Dog Named Leaf] is a very personal story bravely told by the author and his wife…  This is a lovely story that will uplift anyone who has ever loved a dog.” –Amy Shojai, About.com Guide, December 27, 2012

“A remarkable story that will reaffirm your faith in the unique and mutually healing bond that can sometimes form between humans and animals.” –Gwen Cooper, New York Times bestselling author of Homer’s Odyssey

“I loved this book. It highlights something I’ve always believed, that there is far more going on in the mind of a dog than most people think. It’s a terrific book for anyone that’s ever had a rescue dog and knows the problems and pitfalls along that path, as well as the reward that awaits when you give your heart completely to a new dog. Allen Anderson’s journey with Leaf is a wonderful story and I’m very happy that he chose to share it with us.” –Ty Wilson, Goodreads.com review

“I was thoroughly engaged by this story of mutual healing. Cocker Spaniel Leaf came into Allen’s life at just the right time. As Leaf helps Allen deal with anxieties about his upcoming brain surgery, Allen gently helps Leaf transform from a fearful dog to a friendly, confident and happy companion. Lovely true tale.” –Peggy Frezon, Goodreads.com review

“By far the best book I have read in the last couple of months. In my opinion a must read for all.” –Pam Anderson

“Read the book with my wife. It is a very touching and insightful story about a spiritual relationship between a man and his dog. It goes beyond expectations. After reading this book, I wish I could meet Leaf.” –John Houlgate

“What a great story! I have had rescue dogs in my family, and I absolutely fell in love with Leaf. I am from the area and recognized the names of places and people; I have also had Mary Stoffel do readings for me. Now I pass this book to my friend who adopted a black cocker spaniel within the last year.” –Darlinda Alexander

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