Would You Like to Have a Book Coach and Mentor?

Would You Like to Have a Book Coach and Mentor?

Offered by Linda C. Anderson — 25 years of Professional Experience

  • Author of 16 books and 150 articles
  • National award-winning playwright
  • Publicist and media coach
  • Anthology, nonfiction book, novel, and newsletter editor
  • Screenwriter
  • Writing Instructor at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis
  • Winner of an Anderson Center Residency for The Loft’s Outstanding Teacher

“I enjoy helping writers to achieve their dreams and become successful. My experiences with agents, editors, and publicists have taught me much about what publishers are looking for and how to shape material into exciting and fresh presentations. I’ve been fortunate to become knowledgeable about how to write books and proposals that sell. I’ve learned the shortcuts and the pitfalls. After years of having my own work successfully published, I’m eager to coach and mentor others as their books evolve from idea stage to becoming readers’ favorites.”

Visit http://www.writingontherun.com/bookcoach.html for details or write Linda at writingontherun@aol.com

Allen and Linda Anderson

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