What would you say about your pet if you were doing a radio interview?


With our crazy schedule, sometimes it takes planning to make sure interviews about our new book A DOG NAMED LEAF go smoothly. Last Sunday (March 31, 2013), Allen had to find a mini-office at the Philadelphia airport where he could have a quiet space for calling in for a radio interview. He was in-between flights and squeezing in the interview before boarding the next plane.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, Linda sat in a comfortable chair at the WCCO Radio (local CBS affiliate) studio to also be part of the interview. Normally we can take visual cues from each other about which of us would be best to answer questions. This time, we relied on the host to ask questions directly to each of us.

Even with the obstacles, it was fun to talk about our relationship with the amazing and incredible dog Leaf who changed and healed our lives in so many ways. Host Roshini Rajkumar was wonderful and as Linda says, even more beautiful in person — inside and outside. 

If you would like to listen to the interview, visit WCCO’s News and Views with to hear it.  The website is http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/audio-on-demand/news-and-views  Click on “3-31-13 – News and Views: 1PM Hour” to listen to our segment. The interview is about 19 minutes into the hour.

What would you say about your pet if you were doing a radio interview?


Allen and Linda Anderson

Angel Animals Network — Where Pets Are Family







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