I Am Woman, Hear Me Bark





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I Am Woman, Hear Me Bark

Awrd-winning Minneapolis authors show in their new book, Dogs & the Women Who Love Them, that women can do remarkable things when a dog becomes their BFF.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 9, 2013 — OPRAH.COM PICK NOW AN AUDIO BOOK! Dogs and the Women Who Love Them — Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration by Allen and Linda Anderson is now an audio book with narration by a professional radio/TV host Jeannine Jersey. O,

The Oprah Magazine (Oprah.com) endorsed the book as a “top sixteen dog books” to read. Vanessa Williams wrote, “You’ll find a bit of yourself in each tale.” Wendie Malick says, “Kudos to Allen and Linda for sharing the myriad of ways dogs bring joy, healing, and gratitude into our lives.” Enjoy this heartwarming book with the same great content and a new audio book cover.

A Dallas woman makes a difference in the lives of disabled veterans with the help of a black Lab as star dog trainer (and winds up on David Letterman). A Michigan woman mobilizes an entire community plus a helpful rabbit because her lost rescued dog has captured their hearts.

A New Orleans businesswoman turns a dog-fighting pit bull into a gentle poster boy for paraplegic animals to rehabilitate other handicapped dogs. A Los Angeles public relations firm president realized a childhood dream of becoming Santa’s lead reindeer Rudolph because a childhood dog let her put lipstick on his nose.

These true case studies show women accomplishing great things when a canine companion lights up their lives. They, and many more, are featured in Allen and Linda Anderson’s new book Dogs and the Women Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration (November 10, 2010, New World Library) with a foreword by #1 New York Times best-selling author Rory Freedman. She says, “This book will open your heart, warm your soul, and make you proud to be a dog-loving woman.” http://www.dogsandthewomenwholovethem.com

O Magazine recommended Dogs and the Women Who Love Them, and it’s on the Oprah.com website. Betty White, Wendie Malick, Vanessa Williams, and American Humane Association, among others endorsed the book.

According to Linda Anderson, “We’ve been able to identify major life milestones that women can achieve so much easier with the love and loyalty of a canine companion. Because dogs opened their hearts to love and their minds to possibilities, the women in this book healed from life-threatening illnesses, started new careers or missions, pulled entire groups together for a common good, learned to love again, chose better mates and dates, transformed the lives of children and people with disabilities, brought joy and comfort to the elderly and ill, and laughed when they felt like crying.”

The Andersons and contributing authors, Sage Lewis, Jenny Pavlovic, and Janet Ballard (nationally recognized K-9 trainer for detector dogs at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport), are launching Dogs and the Women Who Love Them at bookstores in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnetonka, St. Cloud, and Stillwater, Minnesota.

The book events will include a photo look-alike contest with prizes. Women can enter the contest by bringing pictures of themselves posing side-by-side with their dogs.

The Andersons will take their message on the road in a “drive-by” tour, stopping for presentations at bookstores in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Naperville, Illinois where contributing author Rosanne Nordstrom will join them.

In addition to hosting the dog-woman look-alike contest at each event, the Andersons are inviting local animal rescue organizations to bring printed material and speak about the work they do to save dogs’ lives. They also hope dog lovers will bring photos and share stories about dog-women relationships that astound with their devotion and enjoyment.

Other amazing women who have contributed their stories to the book will do events in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, Tempe, Arizona, Tampa, and upstate New York.

Additional Highlights of the Book

Miguel, a Newfoundland-Labrador mix introduced an impoverished child to Rosanne Nordstrom, a resourceful woman who became like a mother to him; their new family serves as Chicago’s version of the popular movie The Blind Side — plus a dog who brought people from entirely different cultural and ethnic backgrounds together in unselfish love.

Euri, a loving Engllish cocker spaniel, inspired Houston’s Bobbi Leder to become a dog writer columnist and miraculously healed her of a chronic illness.

Beau, a rescued black Lab became “co-founder” of Patriot PAWS, a Texas nonprofit that Lori Stevens started to train service dogs for disabled veterans; Beau was featured on NBC Nightly News, Late Night with David Letterman, and Animal Planet.

Major, an abused and neglected German shepherd, saved the life of national-award winning police dog trainer Janet Koch Ballard while serving as her K-9 partner.

McDuff, a Scottish terrier, turned Judy McFadden into his soul mate as the dog brought healing pet therapy to Henderson, Nevada’s most severely disabled residents

Frankie, a dachshund in a doggie wheelchair, inspired Barbara Techel to write award-winning children’s books; she designed a school campaign with Frankie to help children appreciate differences in each other

Buster Dawn, a rescued pit bull-mix, taught Los Angeles Times and Washington Post contributing writer and author Karen Dawn to grieve without apologies for a dog family member

Karen Holt, reviewing the book for O Magazine says, “The rescuing works both ways. . .as canines who’ve suffered abuse, neglect, or misfortune seek and comfort humans who’ve endured the same.”

About Allen and Linda Anderson and the Angel Animals Network

In 1996, Allen and Linda Anderson founded the Angel Animals Network – Where Pets Are Family to use the power of stories to increase love and respect for all life. They have written a popular, award-winning series of sixteen animal books and have sold over a half-million books. In 2007 they won the American Society of Journalists & Authors Outstanding Book Award for Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster.  In 2013 they won another ASJA award for their book A Dog Named Leaf. Their work has been featured in national wire service articles, NPR, ABC Nightly News, USA Today, the Washington Post, Animal Planet, the Montel Williams Show, the Today Show, and BBC radio. They donate a portion of proceeds from their books to animal welfare organizations. Allen and Linda live in Minneapolis in controlled chaos with a rescued dog, a rescued cats, and a cockatiel who says, “I love you, sweet baby.”