“A study by two University of Tokyo researchers, published by Springer in Animal Cognition journal, determined that cats recognize their owners’ voices from those of strangers…With the owners out of the cats’ line of vision, researchers played recordings of three strangers calling each cat’s name followed by a call from the cat’s owner and then by the call of the stranger…

“When strangers called their names, the cats had no reaction to the voices whatsoever. When the cats heard their names being called by their owners, they moved their heads and ears to locate where the sound was coming from.

“Researchers say it proves that while cats can distinguish their owners’ voices, their responses are not communicative. In other words, he hears you just fine; he just doesn’t care what you want from him.” (“Study: People’s Love for Cats Is Unrequited” by Kathy Antoniotti, Akron Beacon Journal)

We read this article quoted above in the Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE newspaper last week. It opened up a conversation about our experiences with “unrequited” cat love. So we decided to share it with you today.

Although the researchers in this study made sure they tested 20 domesticated cats in their own homes and not in labs, the conclusions seemed flawed to us. The study didn’t take into consideration how careful cats are never to show their truly, deeply loving connections to human family members in front of strangers.

If our cat Cuddles had been in this study, she probably would have appeared as antisocial as these hapless cats who don’t come running when their people call. The article concludes that cats merely manipulate humans. “A cat gives its love begrudgingly and it must be well earned. Get used to it,” the article states.

OK, so let us take a closer look at Cuddles, our black-and-white tuxedo kitty who has brightened our home since 1998. When we come home, along with the dog, she runs to the door to greet us.

Rather than manipulative, she allows us to persuade her. Even when we have to hold her in our arms to get essential medication into her mouth, she hates it, but purrs.

Cuddles has to eat special prescription food because of her hyperthyroidism. She much prefers other kinds of food that have been her staple all these years. We have had to wean her off her tastier food and on to the prescribed food.

At mealtime Linda sits near Cuddles, puts her fingers in the food to give it her scent, and waits for Cuddles to eat. Even though she’d rather eat the other kind, Cuddles knows “mommy” wants her to eat the prescription. So she takes a full sniff of her favorite, and then moves over to the other food to eat what she knows Linda wants.

Why? The study suggests that Cuddles, or any cat, could care less what a human wants.

Yet our little kitty takes her medication with a purr and eats a food she’d rather shove on to the floor. When Linda pets her, Cuddles even returns to the prescription food for more bites. Just to please.

So what do you think of this study? Does it prove anything to you about cats?

Allen and Linda Anderson, Angel Animals Network – Where Pets are Family


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Has an animal ever shown you a spiritual blind spot?


When we give our talks and facilitate Angel Animals workshops, after someone has shared a story about his or her spiritual connection with a special animal, we often ask what was going on in the person’s life at the time. This is when the awareness dawns that a memorable experience with a pet or animal in nature has reflected the person’s spiritual lessons, challenges, or attitudes.

We call these “spiritual blind spots.” They are aspects of yourself that you can’t see, but an animal reveals them to you.

Animals reflect what you’re all about — your values, interests, and personality. What you may not realize is that animals can also be spiritual barometers for whatever you’re hiding from the world and yourself. They manifest your state of consciousness — fleas and all.


Animals, as souls, are spiritually designed to give service. So are humans, but people tend to carry a lot of mental and emotional baggage, making it more complex for them to be pure and loving vehicles for  love. As a service, animals reflect aspects of your personality and spiritual makeup that may be keeping you from becoming your most evolved, loving, enlightened self.

Spiritual blind spots are the needs and desires you don’t, can’t, or won’t admit you harbor. Recognizing and accepting them fosters spiritual growth, because the first step toward loving God and others is to love yourself completely.

Animals often depict scenes of your secrets brought to the big screen in living Technicolor by an animal actor. The spiritual blind spots animals bring to your attention enable you to discover whatever hinders you from being all you were meant to be.

Has an animal ever shown you a spiritual blind spot?

Allen and Linda Anderson, Angel Animals Network – Where Pets are Family



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What do dogs know?


We’re often interviewed about our work on broadcasts and blog radio shows. We talk about our 15 books and Angel Animals message of helping people discover and benefit from the miraculous powers of  animals. In today’s world, more often than not, the hosts and their audiences get it. They have experienced firsthand the amazing intelligence, awareness, and spiritual qualities animals have in abundance.

This is a far cry from when we started in 1996 with our printed newsletter when we wrote stories about humans learning spiritual qualities of compassion, empathy, unconditional love, and courage from animal family members and animals in nature. Our children were grown, we were working full time jobs, and had many responsibilities. But we decided that we wanted to bring more love into this world — one story at a time.

Now, in 2014, it appears that those of us who began writing about animals and spiritual connection have made a dent in the way many people view their pets. These spiritual messages are taking root, as we continue sharing stories, giving presentations, and writing books and articles.

People are beginning to understand that animals have a “sixth sense”. Instinctively they give love in abundance while making even the saddest person smile. Animals deliver divine messages as they heal and comfort. They appear in meaningful dreams and even offer assurance that there is life after death.

We recently were doing an interview in which the host told us that after she read our book A DOG NAMED LEAF, she wanted to see just how much her dog understood. While her husband and dog were in their living room, in a matter-of-fact manner, this host asked her pup to bring a specific toy back. The toy was in a different room with other toys their dog liked. Without hesitation the dog walked off and immediately brought back the exact toy the woman had requested. She was amazed.

Our radio host said, “Your book changed my life.” She believed that it had given her a different viewpoint about how much dogs are aware of and understand.

What do dogs know?

Allen and Linda Anderson, Angel Animals Network – Where Pets are Family



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