Sunshine whistles and sings to the world as his day begins each morning. Linda works to keep up with his whistle, but often Sunshine goes places with his whistles she is unable to imitate.



Now, with gusto he has begun performing each evening too. He starts out whistling three to five notes with surprising range, then works to achieve a theme, and uses it as a building block for an even more complex melody. At this point Linda is no longer able to keep up with him and stops whistling back. But she listens with admiration and fascination as he performs his improvisations.



Sunshine creates his own compositions based on nearly twenty years of mastering his repertoire. In a previous blog we wrote about him listening to LES MISERABLES one evening when we watched a DVD of the musical. He quickly learned the melody. The next morning, to our delight, he shared melodies from the musical.



Visit < >to see images of Sunshine.


  1. Sunshine is so precious!! I just love birds! I feed all my wild birds everyday and my Hummingbirds, when they come back in Spring. I don’t have an “inside” bird. However, I had a roommate, many years ago, who had a Blue&Gold Macaw(sp?) and he was the best roommate EVER!! I enjoy reading your blogs and I have your latest book saved in my cart on Amazon. Congratulations on making the New York Times Best Seller list!! What an accomplishment!! Sending you and your animals love from Tennessee!!

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