Has an animal tried to communicate his or her wishes to you?




In the early morning Allen was sitting on the couch in a different place than normal, having his morning cup of coffee. Leaf walked up, sat in front of him, and stared. Allen asked our little cocker spaniel what he wanted. Leaf continued to stare at him.

Allen had already given breakfast to Leaf but had forgotten to include a small apple slice that he usually gets for dessert. Still under Leaf’s watchful eye, Allen went to the kitchen and gave Leaf his customary apple slice.

Allen returned to his morning waking-up ritual on the living room couch. Leaf sat down in front of Allen and resumed staring at him. Allen thought, “Maybe he needs to go outside for a bathroom break.” So he left his coffee cup, got up, and let Leaf outside. Nothing happened, though, and they immediately came back into the house.

Once again, Allen sat on the couch only to have Leaf gaze into his eyes as if he was trying to tell him something. Finally, Allen stood up and attempted to figure out what Leaf wanted. The moment he stood, Leaf jumped onto the couch in the spot where Allen had sat. He curled up and made himself comfortable.

At last, it occurred to Allen that he had been sitting on the spot where Leaf usually sprawled out on the couch. Every morning, Allen sat on the smaller couch while Leaf had his reserved spot, viewing the world outside the living room window.

Humans can be so dense. 🙂

Has an animal tried to communicate his or her wishes to you?

4 thoughts on “Has an animal tried to communicate his or her wishes to you?

  1. How funny!! Our dog, Macy, who went to Heaven on Mar.1,2010, would do the same exact thing. Especially if we had company and they didn’t know they were sitting in HER spot:) My Kitty Sunshine always stares at me until I figure out what she needs. Usually I know, to either empty her litter box or give her a treat. However, when she coughs up a hairball or gets sick and I didn’t know about it, she’ll stare a hole thru me so I’ll get up and get it cleaned up. Of course, praise her and than give her treats, afterwards:) Leaf is SO incredibly adorable!!

  2. Our website is all about animal communication and how it allows us to literally communicate with any animal. So yes, they can talk to us! Love your site 🙂

  3. My baby Torey died a few days ago she would come up to me and voice her desire for food or threats and do a little scratching off with her feet I so miss her

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