Has an animal surprised you with a gift or blessing that was exactly what would be best suited to bringing you joy?



Our little yellow cockatiel Sunshine has his home in the living room. Last weekend, we shared Sunshine’s space while stretching out on our living room sofas and watching the movie LES MISERABLES a couple of times. We love the classic songs and storylines in this movie that started out as musical theater.

Even though we covered his cage during the evening we viewed the movie,Sunshine must have been listening intently. Two days after our LES MISERABLES feast, Linda did her usual morning ritual. Before she started eating breakfast,she closed the door and put up a gate to keep our dog Leaf and cat Cuddles out of the living room. Then she brought out Sunshine from his cage and placed him on the living room mantel, where he likes to run back and forth between the windows on either side.

During his morning mantel time, Sunshine usually whistles and singstunes he’s sung for years. Occasionally he imitates a new whistled song Linda has offered to him and adds his own composed flourishes. Then the bird and Linda whistle back and forth to each other.

This morning, though, Sunshine sang melodies that sounded familiar but that Linda had never heard him whistle. After a moment, she recognized them. Sunshine was singing melodies from LES MISERABLES. He treated her to another way of enjoying a beautiful musical score and symphony.

Linda thanked Sunshine for his gift to her that day.

Visit http://www.angelanimals.net/nlimage107.html to view images of Sunshine.

Has an animal surprised you with a gift or blessing that was exactly whatwould be best suited to bringing you joy?

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