Our Favorite Time of Year

We are in the midst of our favorite time of year – when we come fully out of our world and enter the world of animal lovers who read our book.

This week was the beginning of the launch of our new book, DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. Dog enthusiasts (male and female) came to the events we did in St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Minnetonka, Minnesota. They brought photos of their dogs and told all of us why they love them.

We were able to introduce them to some of the amazing women who have stories in the book. Janet Ballard helped us understand more about her relationship with a terribly abused German shepherd, Major, who blossomed with her love and training into a national champion K9 dog.

Janet continues with Major’s legacy by rescuing dogs from “euthanasia row” and transforms them into bomb and drug-sniffing dogs. Who knows how many lives these dogs have saved? Major saved Janet’s life twice. Marilyn Walton wrote Janet’s story for our book.

Jenny Pavlovic talked at each event about the Australian cattle dog she named 8 State Hurricane Kate. She brought Kate from Louisiana through eight states and back to Minnesota after adopting the dog while doing rescue work following Hurricane Katrina.

Many of the people at the events related to Sage Lewis when she spoke about how her life was at an all-time low when she rescued a Plott Hound she named Java. Just about every good thing and new adventure, including becoming a Tellington TTouch trainer, coach, and animal communicator, she attributes to her relationship with Java.

One of the highlights of each event was when we all got to meet R.E.A.D. Minnesota dogs Queen Sassy and Willow. These wonderful dogs listen to children read and each of their handlers, Nancy Brooks and Jennifer, were able to tell success stories. Children who had no confidence about their reading abilities now look forward with great anticipation to the day when they can read to a dog. These dogs are responsible for children’s reading test scores rising but equally important, for their falling in love with reading books.

At the Minnetonka Borders book event we featured a great group called Secondhand Hounds. Their mission, in addition to rescuing dogs who are slated for euthanization, is to bring candidates to Can Do Canines. The rescued dogs are then trained to become service dogs for adults and children with disabilities. Secondhand Hounds has also started a new program in which they foster dogs for women who are escaping abusive situations and need a place for their pets to also be  safe.

People who attend our book events get to know more about the book and us, but they also discover the “underground” world that takes place in their own communities where generous people and loving animals give service to those in need.

And Linda has had the thrill of reading a part of the book to R.E.A.D. dogs who listened attentively.

Visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWfCs6p5Sjk to see a video of Linda reading to the R.E.A.D. dog at the Minnetonka event. Visit www.angelanimals.net/recevents.html to view picture of the book events.

Today, one of the book’s contributors, Bobbi Leder, is signing DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM at Natural Pawz in Houston as a fundraiser for Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

On Thursday, Kim Dudek brought her rescued pit bull Dag to Octavia Books in New Orleans. A packed room herad Dag’s courageous comeback story from our book. He changed from tortured dog fighting ring dog to healed and loved inspiration for Dag’s House. This is where Kim and her staff now rehabilitate disabled dogs.

Next week, we’ll meet some more of the most wonderful people and dogs on the planet in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago (Naperville), Illinois. People in Madison will meet a R.E.A.D. dog. At Milwaukee, the event will be co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Humane Society. In Naperville, the fine folks at the no-kill shelter A.D.O.P.T. will share their goodness.

And thanks to our great pet sitter who takes care of our home and animal family members while we are gone.

Please consider going to the book events and tuning into the media interviews. We’d love to meet you and have your support.

Keep up with us by going to www.dogsandthewomenwholovethem.com/calendar.html

You can join in the fun with our new book! We invite you to share photos of your dog(s) sitting next to DOGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. Send your jpegs to angelanimals@aol.com.  View photos at www.dogsandthewomenwholovethem.com/dogbookphotos.html. See the full announcement in the Announcement Section.

Allen and Linda Anderson

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