A DOG NAMED LEAF — “the most unusual dog book ever”


When Allen Anderson’s doctor called him with life-shattering news that he had two potentially fatal conditions – a brain aneurysm, which could rupture at any time, and a blood clot aimed at his heart, he faced even more harrowing prospects than when he worked as an inner city Atlanta police officer. Although his wife Linda called him ‘Miracle Man,’ because he’d survived so many close calls, Allen thought his luck had finally run out. He could die suddenly or be debilitated like his father who suffered for years after a massive stroke.

Allen and Linda, empty-nesters whose children were grown, had recently rescued a one-year-old cocker spaniel they named Leaf, and the dog desperately needed their help to heal from traumatic effects of abandonment. After Allen’s diagnosis, he and his dog became comrades facing battles together.

Similar to the popular accounts by medical doctors and scientists who have had near-death experiences, Allen was unexpectedly catapulted into realms typically reserved for science fiction, such as credible otherworldly visions and end-of-life flashes.

Leaf’s demonstrations of heightened awareness defied easy explanations, too. Yet they echoed findings of a University of Western Ontario study that documents dogs are extremely good at figuring out what people need. Also, Goldsmiths College’s research on empathy suggests dogs consistently attempt to comfort their owners who are in distress.

Allen’s dual journey of a man and a dog coming together at exactly the right time for mutual healing raises profound questions about unexplored realms of consciousness, the reality of heaven, and new frontiers in relationships with animals. His hope is that by telling his story with honesty and courage, it will offer hope to anyone who has felt alone, powerless against fate, or who has wanted to find a true purpose in life.
A Dog Named Leaf (ISBN-10: 0762781654, ISBN-13: 978-0762781652), a 224-page paperback published by Lyons Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot, is available at major online book retailers, in bookstores, and at lyonspress.com. Visit the book’s Facebook page and view photos of Leaf at http://www.adognamedleaf.com or http://www.facebook.com/adognamedleaf



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