Whose Happy Birthday Is It, Anyway?

We wanted to know how pet lovers celebrated their pet’s birthdays so we asked that question in our blogs.  The responses were delightful!


How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? If you adopted a rescued animal, when do you celebrate his/her birthday?

Scooby Doo-Kennedy: “I have two birthdays. Since I was rescued, my mum celebrates my rescue day, and we share the same birthday, which is handy. This year, we went camping for four days, and I got to get her up at five o’clock each morning for her exercise. Its always a real doggy day.”

Patrick: “I made Cpl. J.R.’s birthday the same day as mine. He literally came into my life when I needed help the most and rescued me. Our lives are intertwined on all levels, and I am proud to share my birthday with him!”

Flo: “Well, presents, cakes, candles, friends. All is there. And of course, my dog is sitting with us on the chair (he loves it) at the table. A king! My king!”

Pamela: “I only know the true birthday of one of my terriers. For the other two, we just celebrate their Happy Gotcha days. We go for a car ride (they LOVE it), and then they each get a new toy and a treat.”

Sue Ellen: “One of my cats is terminal, so every day is celebrated as his birthday.”

Tatumn: “New toys for all three of them! However, I tell them everyday I’m going to give them a reason to wag their tails and smile. It’s my job!”

Shari: “My rescued pets’ birthdays are the day I adopted them. We go to PetSmart followed by a few hours at the park. Luckily all my rescues have been in early spring or fall.”

Tom: “I get them toys and a special dinner and I treat them EXTRA special. Plus one of the two shares their birthday with me. It’s great, because he doesn’t like people other than me and my fiance  who is brand new to him.”

Johanna: “We buy her doggie ice cream and sing happy birthday. We tell her all day that is her birthday and how happy we are to have her in our lives. She is a true gift from Spirit.”

Edith: “We sing happy birthday on the estimated birth date, basically singing all day long, and we eat vanilla ice cream.”

Andrea: “The horses get baked carrot cake, muffins or cookies, carrots, and apples. The cats get catnip, gourmet food, and toys. The dogs get huge chews, squeaky toys, collars, and pampering at the parlor. They get these at Christmas too. All spoiled!”

Persis: “I celebrate my Blessy’s birthday with a cake and a candle, make her wear a birthday cap and also garlands. In Indian tradition we put vermilion on the forehead (red color powder) on people, on good days, so I do the same for my Blessy. . . She gets loads of treats, and a good walk to the park, and also distributes her cake to her doggie friends in the neighborhood.”

And our favorite – drum roll, please:

Pat: “I always sit them down and tell them the story of how I found them and brought them into my life.”

What do you do to celebrate your pet(s)’ birthdays?

We welcome you to answer this question and the “Something to Think About” question at our blogs and forums, so everyone can see your comments.


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