Has an animal showed you the value of persistence?

A Walk with Leaf

Allen took Leaf for a walk around a nearby park yesterday when something odd happened.  The park had a mixture of baseball fields, soccer fields, paved walking trails, and a medium-size pond. After a week of clouds and rain it was nice to be out in the sunshine. Leaf loved getting out.

There were a half of dozen young men playing soccer at one of the fields, which was quite a distance from where Allen and Leaf were walking. After some running, chasing a ball, sitting, and resting on the bench, watching the squirrels, and ducks in the pond, Allen and Leaf began their walk toward home.

Leaf had to do his elimination business so Allen stood by while the deed was being done.  Out of nowhere a soccer ball came from the sky and hit Leaf, knocking him down. Leaf got up, appearing a little dazed.  He looked at Allen as if to say, “stuff happens” and continued what he was doing.

The soccer players were in shock at how their ball had knocked over an innocent little cocker spaniel who had been minding his own business. They ran over and made sincere apologies. They petted Leaf, asking him if he was okay. Leaf wiggled and soaked up all the attention. After they left, Leaf and Allen continued with the walk.

It was interesting for Allen to see firsthand how sometimes, out of nowhere, we are knocked off our feet. Leaf was an example of getting back up to go on with your day.

Has an animal showed you the value of persistence?

Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals Network

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